Update [20] - 02Feb22

Welcome to this update post (20) for "a ghostly desire".

THANK YOU for your interest in this project!

I thought a long time, about the upgrade of the character section, on the website.
Finally, I came up with a good solution, after compairing how other sites do it.
I know it is not a real progress for the next update, but I want to have it done..

I reworked the website at all a bit, to make have it more clearly arranged
and less overwhelming.

Now you have kind of a "content table", as a startpage when clicking:
and from there, you have everything linked with everything if importent.

Sorted by: County / Location / Character / Quest

If you want to look at a "Location", you'll find everything importent
- Location related Characters
- Quest's you can start from this Location
- Imageboard for the related screens

If you want to take a look on "Character", you'll find everything related
- A brief introduction
- Quest's in which this character plays a role

If you want to take a look on "Quests"
- Why, where and how the quest starts
- Required items
- How to play it, step by step
- Importend notes
- Where it ends


The new, upgraded Travel map!
Welcome to Borket!
Currently only Northern Borket! This is where MC lives!
Later on there will be three more countys for Borket (east, west, south)

- The new map includes animated clouds.
(later there will be also some cars driving around and some birds flying too)
- Highlights and characterpreviews for locations, if hovering over with the mouse
- New additional quest indicators
(maybe reworking the quest log again, I like the current, but I am not full satisfied with it)
- Settings to turn of effects (for lower hardware)

(Yes, there are still houses missing, due to development progress)

You can have a quick preview here, showing the current state:


I am currently working on the quest lines and images for them mainly.
Several spoilers are available for Patrons, as usually.
I also planned to improve the code, for the game, until the 0.5 release.
Especially 'gameplay experiencing' stuff.
A big part is to avoid confusion, with different transitions, between quests.

e.g. Starting "picture frame" -> looting tools -> buying items
For 0.5, it doesn't matter if you loot first or buy first.

You start "picture frame" and "just play", instead of heading
around, going back and forth, due to missing items.
I think it's smoother to play and less frustating.

Also I want to try, to rewrite code, to get the quests more depending
on the "day" the quest need isntead of other quests
(except main story ofc)

You can still use the development progress preview to track the current state:

Like always! Thank you guys for being patient!
I really appreciate that!
Make sure to join Discord, Patreon or Subscribestar!


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