Update [25] - 31Mar23

Welcome to this update post (25) for "a ghostly desire".

THANK YOU for your interest in this project!

It's about the future and the further
development of the game!

As you may know or even experienced by yourself, some systems
seem to have a problem with the game.
..don't start, crashes, stucks and so on, for whatever reason and for other
players, it runs without any issue whatsoever..
I tried to dig deeper into all of this, and sat down the last couple of weeks,
testing, adjusting, analyzing and rearraging stuff, to try to improve the performance.
Long story short, it doesn't change anything (or at least not remarkable),
no matter how I do stuff.

For the people who maybe familiar with Visionaire, I am using the internal
visualscripting, instead of writing in Lua and that is the only thing I didn't test!
Rewrite the whole game in Lua, to see afterwards, it wouldn't work (maybe?!)
I am sure Lua would improve it, because Nenad is releasing big games and he
is using VS too!

I am now two years and two month into the game and it's still alpha.
It's still on the process of finding itself.
As I said often before too! A fact that some people don't understand!
"Just because a 'version' is finished, it doesn't mean it's 'finished' at all!"
It's not a chapter-based game and this "one day" per chapter thing is
just easier to progress with the "releases"..
If you play "day four" in alpha 0.6, there is just the main story so far,
if you explore the same day in alpha 0.7, there are additional door events, locations,
characters and other stuff to find. It grows continuously.

I don't care about people being angry about the development
"taking soooo long" .. yeah .. but, it's free to play, come back in two years
and play it then..
..but I do care about people can't play the game, because of performance

Over the last two years, there was (mostly) four types of players:
1. They loved it..  (no issues or some minor buggy stuff)
2. They liked it, would love it..BUT [insert performance issue]
3. Can't even play it because of [insert performance issue here]
4. Typical trolls and virgins crying about everything

As I said often before, I would never abandoned the game!
Especially after alpha 0.5 and this unfortunate "kitchenbug"..
There was a ton of "hate" how crappy the game is..  :'D
This people needed two full ingame-days to recognize that fact,
but only after they got stucked :'D
I don't care about haters, but I have a good and realistic sense
for constructive critic and already changed/adjusted stuff based on it!

..so what to do now?
AGD is going to leave Visionaire!
AGD becomes Ren'py!

To be honest, it wasn't the easiest decision to make for several reasons
but performance-wise, I guess it will be the best!
Additional to that, it will be possible to reach an even bigger audience
in the long run, because some people are really breeding their ten year old
potato computers out there (independent of the game engine being used).
And the "mobile-players" could now be involved too,
how ever that will work out, we'll see..

But it will basically stay a "point and click adventure",
like it was in Visionaire before!
- An interactable open world, free to explore, anytime!
- Liniar main story!
The two importent points for me and my game!
Of course there are some points to make the game more
readable for players, but even in Visionaire, this was still a
point to work on!

I already tested several mechanics the last couple of days,
importent stuff that I need, to use within Ren'py, to make sure it
will work and will be as close as possible at the "original".
The only big change (for now), MC will no longer run around in the world,
because the engine-change must go as quickly as possible and I'll focus first on
the main prioritys like locations, timeline, quests and story and afterwards
all the additional stuff like interfaces and the other gimmicks.

To be honest again!
I am not totally happy with it, to choose Ren'py (predominanantly due
to how the game and the data will be compiled and packed), but considering
how big the game will become, it is the most stress-free way to continue!

I am sure some you won't be happy with it either!

But even if you currently having no issues playing the game,
maybe with the next version or the version after, the game will crash
on you, or won't start or what ever and I can't provide any fix for it..

Even if the engine changes, the storys and characters and the
little lovely world will not change, only continue to grow!

thank you for your time reading this, please let me know
what you think about this change and have a nice weekend!


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Got it.

Renpy is a grown 'gaming engine' so it could be a good decision that you made. I have also seen renpy games with like shaking/moving characters while 'talking' with them. So it could/will maybe not just static as most games in the beginning of renpy games :-)