[Release] A ghostly desire - Alpha 0.6 - 01Feb23

Welcome to this release post (alpha 0.6) for "a ghostly desire"

In this update you'll continue the game, from morning day three
until the late night of day three.
(The walkthrough guide is updated already for alpha 0.5)

walkthrough guide:


- issue with the inventory blocking out the gallery interface
- issue with inventory blocking out the player mouse after the gameplay tutorial
- improved mouse cursor / refined detection & on click interaction
- screen-/locationtransitions (based on blackscreen issue for some players)
- save game menu issue fixed, try to delete something when nothing is selected
- dependency issue with rebecca "picture two", which it makes uncollectable after finding "picture one"
- several text & spelling issues
- issue with dayna false showing up in living room on day two
- Sebastian doesn't only say "bye bye" via dialog anymore, (he offers now additional help on 'day 1')
- fixed issue with gameplay tutorial wasn't skippable, when tried to click "skip"


temporarily (comes back in new composition)
(current version brings to much "lag-/delay feeling" while playing)
- UI announcements for "new location available"
- sounds for announcements for "new location available"
- UI announcements for "new side quest"
- sounds for announcements for "new side quest"
- UI announcements for "scene unlocked"


- larissa's holiday images are now selectable seperately adjusted exiting for selected (scaled) holiday images
- tablet now shows the correct "logout screen" during the logout animation
- several timing adjustments for door event transitions
- entering the gallery now removes picture items from inventory
- inventory
- escape button option menu (including automatic saves for quit/mainmenu)
- reorganized affiliations for all accessible quests, characters and locations
- counter & statistics for "player home"
- replaced several still existing .pngs with .webp


- Ranch farm (day/night)
- Ranch clubhouse basement (day/night + police version day/night + each with lights on/of possible at night)
- Forest House (day/night)
- Violets House (entrance day/night)
- NPC Nancy (interactive)
- NPC Danilo boat/beach interactive position
- Danilo's boat pier (day/night)
- Object interact for second window (leftside) on joanne's entrance
- For collecting pictures minigame
~ synch-function for emma's pictures (x2)
~ synch function for larissa's pictures (x4)
~ synch function for dayna's pictures (x2)
~ synch function for nancy's pictures (x2)
~ synch function for joanne's pictures (x2)
~ synch function for miriam's pictures (x2)
- Puzzle olp bank entry
- Additonal screen "Ms Mrick's desk"
- Additional screen "Juliet's room"
- Puzzle emmas office tatter
- Holiday pictures (tablet) x4
- Door event images
~ Floria day/night (joanne's house)
~ Benita (day/night // forest house)
~ Rita (day/night // violets house)
- Additional doorevents
~ Rebecca ~ Larissa ~ Benita ~ Rita ~ Anastasia
- Alternate option to progress with Joanne during her story part
- Alternate option to progress with Larissa during her hidden scene
- Public transport option to travel between the different parts of Borket
- Shed renovation state (day/night)
- new gallery pages x5
- new tab system for gallery to easier access a desired character
- travelmap eastside of Borket
- cash/bank amounts (placeholders)
- questmarker for juliet, danilo, ranch, foresthouse, violet
- supporter menu to add collectables and money


- 9 new item(s): (emma office duplicate key, emma office documents folder, emma's sd card, home key seperated,
home+office key, danilos backpack, flashlight, rebecca garage key(sidedoor) )
- 23 new sound(s): (flickering light, light switch clubhouse, olp bank steps, insert key, turn key, poti turn, opening metal lock parts,
heavy button press,drawer opening emma's office, pullout metalbox, lockbox interact, locked drawer,
3x tatter puzzle sounds, tatter pick up, change keys, busstation TM sound x2, ranch changeroom door,
change room cutscene transition sfx, emptyroomFX, additionalwindFX, ,)
- 8 new background music: (olp bank cutscene, joanne story part x2, nancy opener, changeroom story x3, softloop nancyscenes)
- 5 new idle animation(s): (nancy ranch day, horse ranch, dayna renovation shed, danilo beach-boat idle, danilo changeroom idle,)
- 3 new character animation(s): (mc bank cine, mc backpack cine x2,)
- 3 new interact image(s): (floria door event x2, rebecca drunk event, anastasia night event boat)
- 4 new hidden scene(s): (emma office SD card, juliet&floria, joanne phone, larissa home,)
- 16(18) new collecting picture game images (emma x2(4), dayna x2, larissa x4, nancy x2, joanne x2, miriam x2, floria x2)
- 4 new [TABLET based object(s)]: (4x Larissa holiday folder,)
- 4 new [PERK(s)] (gallery emma, gallery larissa, gallery dayna, gallery nancy,)
- 7 new environment animation(s): (broken lamp, ranch clubhouse, 3x emma office desk, office lockbox, tatter puzzle solved,)
- 1 new interactable [CHAR(s)]: (nancy ranch day,)
- 7 new [MAP]: New travelmap location(s) available: (danilo's boat, juliet's house, bus station x2, ranch, foresthouse, violets house,)
- 6 new [LOC(s)]: (ranch farm, ranch basement, juliet's entrance, ranch change room day, Forest House, Violets house,)
- 3 new [NPC(s)]: (nancy, miriam, benita)
- 4 new [QUEST] line(s): (missing backpack, sweet suffer, flashlight, emma arrested,)
- continuable [QUEST]: (shed renovation,)
- 3 new [CUTSCENE(s)]: (mc olp bank, mc change room x2, )
- 2 new [PUZZLE(s)]: (olp bank entry, tatter,)
- 6 new additional [Screen(s)]: (olp bank entry, olp bank lock puzzle, emma office desk, desk puzzle, Juliet's room, joanne hidden,)
- 4 new gameplay [UI]: (sd card app, Busstation UI, gallery tab system, esc menu,)
- 2 new gameplay [FX]: (Bus station UI FX, gallery tab system,)


- joanne (table main loop)
- joanne (table blow loop)
- joanne (table transition)
- joanne (table finish)
- joanne (hidden phone)
- emma office (hidden office)
- juliet/floria (hidden window)
- nancy (bench main loop)
- nancy (bench HJ 1)
- nancy (bench HJ 2)
- larissa MCs home (hidden loop)
- larissa MCs home (hidden finish)


[18+] A ghostly desire (Alpha 0.6.1)
Feb 02, 2023

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just started playing this but why is the MC dick so small? 

Awesome ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿค“๐Ÿค“๐Ÿค“

thx :D did you finished it already?

Not yet.๐Ÿค“

I already finished it, that's amaaaazing.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜