Update [24] - 21Jan23

Welcome to this update post (24) for "a ghostly desire".

THANK YOU for your interest in this project!

It has been a long time since the last devlog,
but the game is still growing every day!
Work on the game has recently reached the
third year and today I want to
announce, that the testing/polishing phase for
alpha 0.6 has begun yesterday!

This devlog will be a more detailed changelog upfront the release!

First of all in advance:
I am afraid some players are not yet informed!
The game is IN ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT, that means,
even if a new "version" is released, that doesn't mean,
that the game is finished (not even the version itself)!
Things can (and will) change, back and forth.
It is "trail and error" from my creators perspective!
I need to test things for myself.. then I have to see
if I find them still good one year later, and if not, I'll
remove it or improve it oder change it completely.

- Blackscreen/Transition issue (related post on reddit)
As mentioned, I found the problem and I am sure, that it
is possible, to avoid it for the further versions.
To make sure, that the mentioned issue is really the
problem, in 0.6 the transitions are "off" completely
to see, if the issue is "killed" or if the problem for some
users still exist.
Even if I am sure, that I've found the issue/solution, I need
to make sure, to have it proved by the players

- Game feeling
After receiving a lot of different feedback, there is one thing,
that I really want to improve for the game.
At several points the gameplay feels kind of "laggy" or as if there
were a "delay", that the players has to wait for.
Until the start of "DAY 2", the game has all that announces for
"new side quest line", "new location...", "scene unlocked" etc..
All of this was poppin' within the game code itself, instead of being
an own (and codewise) seperate overlay.
I already knew, I would change that anyway, so I didn't continue this
to further implement it for alpha 0.5.
All of this is now removed for alpha 0.6 and will come back later
as improved overlay.
To have the gameplay more smooth and fluently when
finding quests, scenes and stuff.
There is currently still some delay, after a screenchange!
That's caused as a "safety-second", if a screen starts,
to avoid any unintentional clicking/bugging.
When the screenfades coming back later on, this second won't
be noticable anymore, because the fadeeffect hides it.

- Location infos
The infos you'll get, when you mouse hover
a location is also reworked.
- Currently:
If you found e.g. "Ms.Mrick's suprise" at "MC's home"
it counted as a quest for "home"
- Alpha 0.6:
The same quest counts now for "Ms.Mrick/OLP Bank"
It is now easier to understand, how many quests
are available for which character.
Additional to that: The size of the "info-background"
is now adjusted and will fit the text properly

"But I don't know what to do.. there is no quest log..!"
..just follow the question marks above the locations,
freely explore the world regardless of the marks,
or use the free walkthrough I provide for each version!
The marks are reworked and fixed too for alpha 0.6

- Travel system
With alpha 0.6, the "Eastside of Borket" will become accessible.
From now on, there are "Bus stations" available,
which will bring you from A to B, if you like (or have) to.
At this point also again:
The maps aren't finished yet! They are still in development and
as long as the maps aren't finished, there won't be
a nightversion for them.

- Escape button menu
For the new version, there will be a new "escape-button" function!
If you hit escape you'll enter the "escape-menu".
Among other stuff, the settings menu is now accessible from "everywhere",
not just on the travel map. The "save game" button will be removed
from the screens, because it is now accessible as an option from
the "escape-button" too.
Additional to that:
The escape-button-menu offers two seperate new sections:
External links to access (game website):
Desirepedia, Walkthrough, Report a bug, Support
It is for supporters only and if you are a
supporter, you can read about it here: Subscribestar

- Inventory / Money system
The inventory got a smaller rework. It increases from 15 to 20 slots.
There are also two new "sections" now, for "cash" and "money on bank"
and the arrows, for scrolling through the inventory when filled up,
are now seperated, within their own field.

The "money", which is shown in the inventory already,
doesn't have any influence at anything in 0.6
It's just a preperation/placeholder for the
ongoing development

- Patreon
..just a short note about the AGD Patreon page.
The page will be unlaunched at 02/01/2023
More about that here: Patreon (or on Reddit)

- Character
Several characters got a rework to continuesly improve
the quality of the renders/images/game.
If you are interested, you can read more about
that here: "Upgrade Example Larissa(discordlink)
(there will be no re-renders for existing images)

You can still use the development progress preview,
to track the current state:
(daily updated tasks)

Like always!
Thank you guys for being patient! I really appreciate that!
Make sure to join Discord Subscribestar, Reddit or Twitter
if you like and we'll 'read' each other again soon!


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Maybe you could contact with the other devs to spread the games each other. I saw the other devs did this. πŸ‘Œ

maybe I will, at some time in the future, when the game is ready to do it :)

And I just found Subscribestar didn't support PayPal. Maybe. I'm not sure.

no worries about that, the game will always be for free available ..since day 1 until, it will be finished at some point in the future :)