[Release] A ghostly desire - Alpha 0.5 - 17Jun22

Welcome to this release post (alpha 0.5) for "a ghostly desire"

In this update you'll continue the game, from morning day two
until the morning of day three.
(The walkthrough guide is updated already for alpha 0.5)

walkthrough guide:

What's new (TL:DR):
- New upgraded travel map (incl tutorial)
- New start of the game (based on "open world") (incl tutorial)
- New quest log/leading system
- New upgraded settings feature (incl recommended presets)
- Auto save function (incl 22 additional save game slots)
- Remove individual save games function (incl confirmation)
- (Despite liniar gameplay) alpha 0.5 is more "open world" again
- For the first time: Random door/location events
- Collectable items are now freely collectable all the time
- Available locations are now always visitable (no need to unlock)
- Collect hidden pictures game (required for spy cam feature)
- Picture gallery for found pictures (incl tutorial)
- Four big story parts, divided in ten sections to play

Feel free to join:

You could also contact me here:
contact [at] sitho-entertainment.com

Feedback, ratings or reviews are also highly appreciated!
Thank you for your support, I really appreciate that <3


- critical dead-end issue with the transition for the picture frame quest line (tool looting / dialog with sebastian)
- issue with picking up the dustpen set
- scaling issue of MC (VRB, Entry area MC home)
- problem with showing a wrong image wenn using the peekhole random at nighttime
- 243 more individual issues (bugs, errors, cosmetics)

- option to choose between playing with or without dayna-route (it's always 'with her route' from now on)
- quest log (temporarily)
- enter travel map from MC's room
- [temporary] deactivated the function to play with "inventory always open"

- main menu
- settings menu
- save game menu (+ 22 additional slots)
- travel map (design, animations & gameplay controls)
- from alpha 0.5 Dayna's route is always active
- travel map music
- game entry after intro sequence (introducing new travel map)
- rebecca entrance area is now in alphastate
- (improved) waypoints/pathfindings at several locations
- mc's desk is now permanently accessible
- dustpen set is now always collectable (additional it is now possible to put the set back into the cabinet)
- simplification for several waysystems/pathfindings/scalings (VRB, Entry area MC home,)
- waiting time for Larissa has been drastically reduced

- upgraded travel map (day)
- interactive location highlightings (travel map)
- location character preview images (travel map)
- clouds fx (travel map)
- police department entryhall, interrogation room
- additional screen für desktop interaction in mc's room
- screen "mc's desktop"
- collecting pictures minigame
~ synch-function for dayna's pictures (x4)
~ synch-function for emma's pictures (x2)
~ synch-function for larissa's pictures (x2) (collectable with alpha 0.6)
~ synch-function for rebecca's pictures (x2)
- function to inspect collected pictures // toggle preview automatically when leaving the interface
- interactive object "picture album" (player room desk)
- new interface "picture gallery"
- tutorial function "picture gallery"
- tutorial interface for travel map
- function to toggle between automatic text and to continue text manually
- openable (animated) cabinet doors in emma's office (x1)
- synch-function ~travel map (unlocked location)
- 5 additional interact objects for "rebecca entrance" screen
- 2 additional VRB events (day0)
- 3 additional door event for "Larissa's entrance" (day0)
- warning note for "new game" when a current game is running, without restart the .exe
- autosave FX (additional notification)
- "old frog pond" day/nightversion
- 3 basic interaction points for "old frog pond"
- function to remove savegames (incl confirmation request)
- "joanne's entrance" day/nightversion
- joanne hidden scene (1x)
- 4 additional door event(s) for "rebecca's door" (day/night)
- 3 additional door event(s) for "Joanne's door" (day/night)
- 3 additional door event(s) for "Larissa's front door" (day/night)
- 1 additional door event(s) for "Ms Mrick's office door" (day)
- travelmap notification for locations "coming soon" (danilo's boat / juliet's house)
- dustpen set nightversion
- additional cursor for hidden pictures (only for random destributed lcoations)
- [temporary] possibility to scroll the inventory in case you collect more
than 15 different items at one time

- 18 new item(s): Tablet, 4xflowers (blue, yellow, green, red), vase, 4xpictures (dayna), 2xpictures (emma), larissa's bag,
2xpictures (larissa), 2xpictures (rebecca), ms mrick's office key,

- 19 new sound(s): interaction travelmap sound, tablet pick up, tablet software start, tablet mouse click,
larissa escape night scene ambient, highheels, door opening rebecca, 2x old frog pond,
dialing phone (police department), 2xCCA installation (tablet/camera), 2x(police deptartment ambience/hall&interrogation)
mosquito, 2x(interrogation minigame), Larissa escape flashback sfx, 1x rebecca home invitation (shower),

- 14 new background music: 2x (larissa escape), 1x (emmas surprise), 1x(PD reception interact), door-events day/night (rebecca, joanne, larissa), 5x(rebecca home invitation), 3x (take me out tonight),

- 2 new idle animation(s): Officer Jones PD, Danilo van Pepper,
- 1 new character animation(s): Danilo von Pepper (interact)
- 72 new interact image(s)
- 1 new hidden scene
- 10 collecting game pictures
- 8 new environment animation(s): police warning light, emma office cabinet, tablet, CCA installation(x4), travelmap clouds,
- 3 new interactable [CHAR(s)]: Police officer Jones, Joanne, Danilo van Pepper,
- 3 new [MAP]: New travelmap location(s) available: Police department, Old frog pond, Joanne's house (entrance),
- 6 new [LOC(s)]: Police department, Rebecca garden, Rebecca bathroom, Old frog pond, Joanne's entrance, VRB restaurant
- 3 new [NPC(s)]: Police officer Jones, Detective Rylee, Danilo van Pepper,
- 2 new [QUEST] line(s): larissa's escape, ms mrick's surprise,
- 5 new additional [Screen(s)]: Desktop interaction, Interrogation room, Tablet device, picture gallery, CCA installation (tablet/camera)
- 7 new gameplay [UI]: settings UI, desk interaction controls, played time display, Help UI travel map, Help UI picture gallery, CCA installation,
interrogation minigame, travelmap notifications "later version"

- 5 new gameplay [FX]: autosave annotation, new location marker, quest marker, location highlighter, interrogation minigame, coming soon marker

Feel free to join:

You could also contact me here:
contact [at] sitho-entertainment.com

Feedback, ratings or reviews are also highly appreciated!

thank you for your support, I really appreciate that <3


[18+] A ghostly desire (Alpha 0.5) _ hotfix
Jun 17, 2022

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