[Release] A ghostly desire - Alpha 0.4 - 23Aug21

Welcome to this release post (alpha 0.4) for "a ghostly desire"

In this update, you'll continue the game until the next day!
The Walkthrough guide is already updated on the game
web site! (character section is under construction currently)


[SPOILER (rough breakdown)]
..after talking to Dayna within the kitchen (end of 0.3),
you are now able to meet her in the shed and continue
with the shed renovation.
The story goes after that straight into Larissa's visit!
She'll finally arrive and you should spend the evening with her and Dayna.
After bringing her home, you'll visit the new Bar in town "Violet's Rise"
and meet some new people!
The next Day begins with Joanne and Floria.
They are also two new characters and they will be skippable,
but the main introduction part for them needs to be finished
to continue!

- talking to Dayna in the kitchen now shows the correct text
- the issue, Dayna doesn't show up after kitchen (chance to hit the scene 20%)
- the issue that Dayna's bedroom wasn't longer visitable
- the clipping issue (mc shirt) in the first Rebecca repair scene

- increased additional walking speed, if doubleclicked on screen, by +20%
(it's now 80% faster than normal walking speed)
- quest log UI design (it's animated now too)
- quest log shows now an annotation sign, when a quest is updated

- possibility to toggle between 'fullscreen' and 'windowed' (requested)
- screen jump possibility (instant travel between game screens)
- collection game UI for the spy cam
- dialog minigame UI
- 'Larissa entrance' night version
- 'Larissa garden backside' is now visitable/playable
- 'Larissa garden backside' - day & night version (finished screen planned for 0.5)
- Interaction objects for Rebecca's garage
- loading screen, to precache animations (resource optimization)
- additional control buttons for VRB scenes
- additional control buttons for Jill scenes
- information screen when player hits the end of the current version

- 5 new items
- 11 new sounds
- 2 new background musics
- 10 new idle animations
- 2 new character world animations
- 36 new interact images
- 3 new interactable npc's
- 8 new npc's in total
- 2 new map locations
- 5 new locations
- 6 new quest lines (startable)
- 2 new additional screens
- 3 new gameplay UI screens
- 4 new gameplay FX
- 11 scenes (3 based on past website votings)

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You could also contact me here:
contact [at] sitho-entertainment.com

Feedback, ratings or reviews are also highly appreciated!

thank you for your support, I really appreciate that <3


[18+] A ghostly desire (Alpha 0.4)
Aug 23, 2021

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